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Would you take fashion advice from this guy?


Doom creator John Carmack has shown his distaste for industry elitism, and says there’s nothing wrong with making popular games like CoD.

I agree, and there is also nothing wrong with making popular games that suck, like CoD, because it’s always good to have something to Iove to hate! 😛

I respect Carmack as much as anyone, but he’s a programmer and rocket scientist, not necessarily a massive gamer or a designer. If he tells me Nvidia is better than AMD, or that Megatexture is some good shiznit, I believe that. But design? Well, I take his opinion same as anyone elses along with a pinch of salt, a nod of the head, or a straight “sorry mate you’re fuckin’ wrong”, but in the end that is my opinion same as his. He provides the engines that allow creativity; like Gibson make guitars for anyone who cares to use them. And if Carmack likes Britney Spears then that is his call, but she’s still awful.

And I’m yet to see Carmack rockin the Prius, that’s popular, so you better give up that ferrari Carmack! 😛

Eddy has gone and made a new TF2 video about the Spy – which just happens to be my favourite class – and his new abilities: namely, kicking ass in plain sight!  Check it out, it’s awesome!  TF2 – Feelings for Spy Video