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I think anyone who thinks current gen console graphics are great has not played any recent PC games on highest. XBOX 360 and PS3 games looked bad enough several years back – now they just look low res, obsolete and suffer from crappy framerates. This gen has never been quite powerful enough to deliver what it promised in my opinion – the next gen has so much to offer: anti-aliasing, true 1080p, dedicated 3d gaming, USB 3.0, integrated motion controls, bluetooth (not just for ps3), HDMI as standard, 60+ fps (ok maybe I’m dreaming), wifi (out of the box), SSDs for faster loading, fully featured controllers from the get go – the list goes on and on.

Either way, anyone who thinks this gen is “good enough” is going to have their eyes opened sooner or later. 🙂

Come and play with us - for ever. and ever. and ever. and ever...


Duke Nukem Forever

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Gaming

First of all I will explain that any FPS that isn’t exclusive should preferably be played on PC, and this game was designed and developed for PC for nearly 13 years before quickly adding PS3 and XBOX 360 versions, so if you have this on a console, you are shit outta luck – let that be a lesson for you.

Unlike many console players, I fucking loved this game –  so much so that I made a gameplay music video showing some of my favourite things about the game (most of which involved shotguns, pipebombs, tripbombs and lots of punching people aliens in the face).

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a “good” game.  This isn’t Mass Effect, damn right it isn’t, and it sure as hell isn’t Half Life 2 – and thank god for that.  When I started Duke Nukem Forever, I had a piss, ran into the stalls, picked up a shit and threw it everywhere, I drew about 10-15 penises on the white board, I jumped in front of the mirror cos it looked funny, punched Christian Bale in the face, told some kid his Dad was a pedo, and generally made an ass/immature idiot of myself.  Later I ran over alien’s feet in a small RC car, had a long look at Nukem’s great white filled fish tank, blew pigs apart in slow motion and tried to see how many pipebombs I could get to explode at the same time as the gibs flew everywhere… maybe I am a deranged lunatic for saying this, but despite everything, despite DNF being a “bad” game, I was having a great time – and that was just the first couple of levels.  No, this game is not a “good” game – this game is actually fun.


Hail To The King, Baby! He doesn't get any classier, but does he need to?

I would recommend a playthrough of Duke Nukem 3D shareware for anyone who hasn’t played Duke Nukem before attempting Forever, as it does have a huge nostalgia factor going for it!

So I asked my bro Eddy (a real expert on all things graphical, believe me), “how is the new Crysis 2 patch looking?”

Here is what he had to say:

Hey! Where's my DX11?

Looks like a different game man – it’s crysis 3

It looks better than some CGI films… (and) if there are any negative murmurs through the community now they can just fuck off to be honest, because it really is an amazing improvement. – Eddy

So, everyone who has a beast of a computer and a copy of Crysis 2:  stop whining, get the patch downloaded, it’s free and it’s awesome!

Click here for a Crysis 2 DX11 Gameplay Video recommended by Eddy himself!

Awesome as this looked on my PS3, I'm drooling over the PC version!

What amazes me here is: why go the trouble of buying the Tribes brand?  HiRez might as well have called this Global Agenda 2: Arena and had done with it, might actually be successful.

What was the point in stringing everyone along (HiRez studios have been communicating with the Tribes community for some while) with talk of being true to the franchise – when they really might as well just have started with a “**** off! this game is gonna be an Unreal 3 engine muliplayer Halo mod with jetpacks so shut yer face”.  If HiRez Studios had any wish to keep a remaining fanbase, surely they might actually try to include the essence of the original games, rather than REMOVING features and ADDING restrictions to make way for their ill-advised Free-To-Play/Pay-To-Has Cheeseburger revenue mode.

Regenerating health, 1 (useful) weapon, oh – and a cover system right? That’s gotta be the next update!

Why would I ever buy any weapon other than the Spinfusor?  The rest of the weapons are relatively useless on their own. Fan buyout anyone?

Go here to show your support of REAL TRIBES!

OK rant over, see picture and trailer below, because whilst Ascend *sounds* awful it is actually looking ok:

Gameplay Video link:

Perhaps I should calm down, listen to my brother’s sage advice and wait til it comes out before I pass judgement! 😛

Info leaked from the Alpha testing that’s causing a fuss:

  • The 2 weapon Primary / Secondary slots are currently in the game.
  • Health Regeneration is in and apparently is really hurting the gameplay
  • if an asset is down and no one repairs it, it self repairs after a given time limit of not being repaired.
  • spawn: you do indeed spawn in whatever loadout you have selected. apparently testers dont like this, but hirez does and it seems like this will be in the game no matter what – hirez does not agree with the testers on this issue.

Call Of Duty – Black Ops

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Gaming

Why COD?

COD Black Ops for the PS3

For all the hype that surrounds this series, and mainly the negativity generally aimed towards “COD fanboyz”, I decided to give this game a go on my shiny new White PS3 Slim.  Originally made using the Quake 3 engine, the game has spawned multiple sequels and now uses it’s own IW Engine – although looking at the game’s dated graphics it certainly made me wonder what they had actually improved over the years (admittedly I have only vague memories the first and second in the series). 

This is my first entry to the blogosphere so I may be rather long-winded as I test out WordPress, generally I’m more a fan of quick, to-the-point reviews!

For the Casual Gamer

Before I continue I have to admit that I have played and completed Killzone 2 as well as Crysis 2 within the last couple of weeks, so it seems a little unfair to compare COD to them.  It is hardly in the same league really – and that is the point.  This game is clearly aimed at the casual gamer – as here casual clearly means a gamer with absolutely no taste or gaming history whatsoever.  Having said that, I can certainly appreciate the lengths they have gone to to make this game “awesome” and easy to play, I was genuinely excited by some of the locations and situations I found myself in, but this was somewhat marred by the fact that there was always some dude telling me exactly what I was seeing: “AVALANCHE!! AAAh!” cue whiteness, shaky screen and me running blindly towards the location marker, “SPETNATZ ATTACK!”, cue black-clad dudes who move and fight exactly the same as everyone else, except perhaps they roly-poly viciously at you if you so much as look at them.   The game never got tired of telling me “LOOK AT AWESOME STUFF IT’S AWESOME”, except unfortunately it isn’t as awesome as they say, with most scenes being so poorly rendered it was lucky they told me what was going on after-all – or I would have just been stood there spinning in circles.

What about the GAMEPLAY?

The phrase “run & gun” really does this game justice, as you literally run forward and shoot throughout the whole game, whilst occasionally taking part in a couple of QTE’s.  Zooming in or using your ironsights generally pretty much allows you to lock-on to your targets so there is little need for aim – especially since your enemies generally go down in 1-2 hits.  Of course, COD allows you to turn off this “auto-aim” feature and I appreciated that it has at least some level of customisation.  In fact, if I was to compare it to any recent game I have played, it would have to be Heavy Rain, mainly because the amount of gameplay you actually control is incredibly low.  At least it runs at 60 fps, which is great and gives nice and responsive control, and certainly better than Killzone’s laggy gun-play.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the multiplayer – mainly because China doesn’t have PSN (officially) and if I wanted to play FPS online then I would have to be playing on PC.


Graphics don’t mean everything, but they mean a lot when your gameplay is below-average too.  If you want multiple hours of brainless, non-stop action with great graphics, fun weapons and great offline multiplayer – buy Killzone 2.  If you want something better in nearly every (single-player!) aspect, buy Crysis 2.  If you see Black Ops in the bargain bin for $5-6, you might just get your money’s worth.