Duke Nukem Forever

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Gaming

First of all I will explain that any FPS that isn’t exclusive should preferably be played on PC, and this game was designed and developed for PC for nearly 13 years before quickly adding PS3 and XBOX 360 versions, so if you have this on a console, you are shit outta luck – let that be a lesson for you.

Unlike many console players, I fucking loved this game –  so much so that I made a gameplay music video showing some of my favourite things about the game (most of which involved shotguns, pipebombs, tripbombs and lots of punching people aliens in the face).

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a “good” game.  This isn’t Mass Effect, damn right it isn’t, and it sure as hell isn’t Half Life 2 – and thank god for that.  When I started Duke Nukem Forever, I had a piss, ran into the stalls, picked up a shit and threw it everywhere, I drew about 10-15 penises on the white board, I jumped in front of the mirror cos it looked funny, punched Christian Bale in the face, told some kid his Dad was a pedo, and generally made an ass/immature idiot of myself.  Later I ran over alien’s feet in a small RC car, had a long look at Nukem’s great white filled fish tank, blew pigs apart in slow motion and tried to see how many pipebombs I could get to explode at the same time as the gibs flew everywhere… maybe I am a deranged lunatic for saying this, but despite everything, despite DNF being a “bad” game, I was having a great time – and that was just the first couple of levels.  No, this game is not a “good” game – this game is actually fun.


Hail To The King, Baby! He doesn't get any classier, but does he need to?

I would recommend a playthrough of Duke Nukem 3D shareware for anyone who hasn’t played Duke Nukem before attempting Forever, as it does have a huge nostalgia factor going for it!

  1. |RB|€ÐÐ¥!!! says:

    Lets see that review man 😛

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