Tribes Ascend: Regenerating Health, Pre-match Loadouts and 1 Main Weapon WTF?

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Gaming

What amazes me here is: why go the trouble of buying the Tribes brand?  HiRez might as well have called this Global Agenda 2: Arena and had done with it, might actually be successful.

What was the point in stringing everyone along (HiRez studios have been communicating with the Tribes community for some while) with talk of being true to the franchise – when they really might as well just have started with a “**** off! this game is gonna be an Unreal 3 engine muliplayer Halo mod with jetpacks so shut yer face”.  If HiRez Studios had any wish to keep a remaining fanbase, surely they might actually try to include the essence of the original games, rather than REMOVING features and ADDING restrictions to make way for their ill-advised Free-To-Play/Pay-To-Has Cheeseburger revenue mode.

Regenerating health, 1 (useful) weapon, oh – and a cover system right? That’s gotta be the next update!

Why would I ever buy any weapon other than the Spinfusor?  The rest of the weapons are relatively useless on their own. Fan buyout anyone?

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OK rant over, see picture and trailer below, because whilst Ascend *sounds* awful it is actually looking ok:

Gameplay Video link:

Perhaps I should calm down, listen to my brother’s sage advice and wait til it comes out before I pass judgement! 😛

Info leaked from the Alpha testing that’s causing a fuss:

  • The 2 weapon Primary / Secondary slots are currently in the game.
  • Health Regeneration is in and apparently is really hurting the gameplay
  • if an asset is down and no one repairs it, it self repairs after a given time limit of not being repaired.
  • spawn: you do indeed spawn in whatever loadout you have selected. apparently testers dont like this, but hirez does and it seems like this will be in the game no matter what – hirez does not agree with the testers on this issue.
  1. |RB|€ÐÐ¥!!! says:

    I simply can’t understand why they would so blatantly stand amock in the faces of their fans and completely alienate them. All of what your saying about the developers seems to contradict the desires of the actual fan-base. Lets just hope theyll come to their senses before release and not after, when the crow has already flown the nest.

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